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Avid kpop fan. I speak English, Korean, and Spanish (somewhat). I love fashion, making friends, singing, dancing, etc. etc. You know the works. I'm always here to help and advise people who want some advice- So come chat with me!

Started: December 11th, 2011. 

{ What I look like }
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Want to know the meaning behind my username?
Click here. ^^

My name is equivalent to the Greek word “life”. AKA my name is Zoë. Mhm. I was born during the summer, yet I dislike the summer a lot (hot weather isn’t my thing, k.) And I know the exact time, date, and room I was born in. I like knowing stuff.

I love writing (about everything), reading (anything), dancing, singing, meeting new people, and roleplaying. Yes. Roleplaying. Some of who I’ve rp’ed are listed below. ^^

I was in a group called The4everSingerz with my friends for a few years and now I’m in a group called K2Z; leader, main rapper and main dancer representin’. B|

I’ve always wanted to be a dancer; I’ve danced since I could walk. It’s a memory my Meme likes to retell many, many times over.

And I’m obsessed with kpop. And my biases have changed too much. Just click here to see my current bias list. Or not. Whatever.

That’s pretty much it for me though. I’m too lazy to write a bunch. So any questions, ask me~ <3

Let’s get some other facts in though, shall we? ;D /copy & pasted;

I was born as Zoë (pronounced like Zoey. u_u) on the sixth of July. I go by Turtle, Zozo, Z, Zozery, and many more. My roleplay friends call me by my roleplay name “Juliane”. Haha. I am currenlty 16 years of age. And my mental status is that of a 20-year-old. I kid you not. B|  I’ve been called an “old soul” by many, though some of my friends disagree.


My bestie; tokki (see is a good writer and graphic designer.) B| <3 and she introduced me to kpop. by chance.

Who I roleplay as in KRP;

> Chocolat’s body and eye queen, Juliane Alfieri. Julio Ferrari.
> AOA’s aegyo-filled bassist Minaring or rather.. Mina.^^
NU’EST’s American born and raised, yet adorable and charming Aron.
> The Baddest Female, CL.
Rainbow’s main vocal and Taeyeon’s look-a-like, Jisook.

  • Where else you can catch me. heh.

In others; Alexa Swan, Alexa, Elissa, and Juliane Snowsong.

Me gusta Mizahar. <3 Me gusta Degrassi. ;A; <3 Me gusta food. I gusta lots of things. Okay.

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